The REAL Nitty Gritty of Being an Artist a.k.a. Artrepreneur

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The REAL Nitty Gritty of Being an Artist Artrepreneur   The real nitty gritty truth about selling art?  The truth is that every artist struggles with a lack of self-confidence and insecurities about their work.  Even the rich and famous celebrities we think ooze confidence admit they struggle with insecurities.  Maybe you’ve heard of a famous person who worried that everyone will find out they’re an impostor.   But the difference between the successful individual and those who limp … [Read more...]

Your Business as the Third Place

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There's a theory that all of us humans need a third place. Our first place is our home (and those we love, second place is work or school and third used to church or community setting such as a barber shop or neighbor pub (think Cheers). When Starbucks opened they marketed themselves as the "third place". The term was invented by Ray Oldenburg, a sociology professor at the University of West Florida, who explored the idea in his 1989 book "The Great Good Place." In his influential book The … [Read more...]

The Art of Pricing Art

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The task of pricing your creative work is never easy. Especially when you have devoted years of honing your skill AND your soul invested. It is not like you built a widget and can then calculate materials X time = cost.  Man hours X cost = wholesale  and wholesale X 2 = retail.   After all it took you all of your life to this point to be able to create that piece of genius you are  now offering  to the public.    When the public asks you how long did it take you to … [Read more...]

My Top Ten Tips For Participating In An Art Fair

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One of the main ways that many artists make money from selling their art work is by participating in art fairs. Most artists understand that there is a dual and equal purpose to these fairs - exposure and selling. Art fairs can be very lucrative but can also be very costly.   Every artist has experienced at one time or another an art fair where they either just made their costs or even lost money. I even participated in one where I lost money and the hotel had bed bugs. Uggggg!  This is very … [Read more...]

Are You Allowing People to Price Shop Your Creativity? Here’s the Secret Sauce to Stop

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What is the number one reason artrepreneurs aren’t selling their creativity, products and/or services for what they are worth?  They are allowing people to price shop.  You know how this is done – you need an X and you begin searching the web for the best X at the best price, often finding the best price from a big box store, chain store, eBay or something similar.  You know that you cannot compete with sweatshop or discount prices - after all you are creating one of kind, original, specialized, … [Read more...]

Passion & Business Sense = Success

If you are an early-stage creative entrepreneur I’m sure the one concern you have is how in the world you are going to build a successful and profitable business while engaging and staying true to your creativity.  Your creativity and your business is the highest expression of who you are.  Build a business based on your passion. If you don’t you won’t survive.  It’s hard work and don’t let some snake oil salesman tell you anything different.  Your passion comes from your core – the white hot … [Read more...]

Hot ideas to build your creative business income

The Internet offers creative entrepreneurs enormous potential to create multiple streams of income  online. And a creative entrepreneur you have an advantage. You can already envision things that are not yet created. When you sit down to create your art form, whether it is music, poetry, writing, painting, sewing, gardening, etc., you begin with only your imagine to produce a wonderful, new, unique product…your creativity. Here are a few creative business ideas:  Voice over services  Handmade … [Read more...]

The secret to achieving success in your creative boutique

Are you a visionary?   Can you see a clear destination when imagining and planning your creative business?  As a creative person you have the ability to envision something not yet birthed or the growth of something not yet matured but do you have the ability to map out the vision of your business? AND formulate a plan to achieve your vision?  Most businesses and business leaders/owners cannot call themselves visionaries.  They plug-in a traditional and proven model and then plug along in the … [Read more...]

Is your website hearing crickets?

In fact it feels as the road has been closed and you are facing backwards. Most people are excited the day they tell their web designer to push the publish button.  Whala!  You wait for your inbox to be full of contact forms and inquiries about your work, your services, location, etc.... but it is so quiet you can hear the crickets. According to Roy of, a United Kingdom company named Netcraft reported as of September 2012 that there are about 620 million websites in the world … [Read more...]

How to stand out on the big world of the web

It a big world out there on the web.  So how the hell do you get noticed?  This week's indie biz tip is a response to one reader who asked that question.  What you hear might surprise you.   It even goes against the standard model of "content is king".   Listen in and tell me what you think?  Agree? Disagree?   … [Read more...]