The REAL Nitty Gritty of Being an Artist a.k.a. Artrepreneur

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The REAL Nitty Gritty of Being an Artist Artrepreneur   The real nitty gritty truth about selling art?  The truth is that every artist struggles with a lack of self-confidence and insecurities about their work.  Even the rich and famous celebrities we think ooze confidence admit they struggle with insecurities.  Maybe you’ve heard of a famous person who worried that everyone will find out they’re … Continue reading The REAL Nitty Gritty of Being an Artist a.k.a. Artrepreneur

How to Reach Your Ideal Customers

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That Nasty Word…Marketing Think your artwork, your skills and expertise should speak for themself?   Believe now that you have a website your work is done?  All you have to do is hand out business cards, send people to your website and the cash will begin to flow?  Wake up.  You are too smart to know that this is not how the world works.   There have been hundreds of talented, brilliant people whose name we will never hear.  The difference is … Continue reading How to Reach Your Ideal Customers

The One Page Creative Business Plan

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Your One Page Creative  Business Plan    A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. This living document should change as you and your business evolve.  Most of the creative people I know shudder at the thought of creating a business plan.  Beads of sweat appear on their forehead and their eyes glaze over.  So what do they do?  Nothing.  They know they should create a business plan but never get around to it.  Don’t worry your business … Continue reading The One Page Creative Business Plan

What James Bond Taught Me About Selling Art

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What is the number one reason artrepreneurs aren’t selling their creativity, products and/or services for what they are worth?  They are allowing people to price shop.  You know how this is done – you need an X and you begin searching the web for the best X at the best price, often finding the best price from a big box store, chain store, eBay or something similar.  You know that you cannot compete with sweatshop or discount prices – after … Continue reading What James Bond Taught Me About Selling Art

How to Photograph Artwork, Paintings, and Sculptures Without Pulling Your Hair Out

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How to Photograph Artwork, Paintings, and Sculptures Go digital…of course   With today’s digital cameras there is no reason why you shouldn’t be taking your own photos of your artwork.  Back in tha day…we had to purchase and shoot with slide film and then cross our fingers that they actually turned out O.K.  Of course you could not crop, edit or color-correct afterwards.  You just sent them in to jurors.   The modern digital cameras have now evolved so far … Continue reading How to Photograph Artwork, Paintings, and Sculptures Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Hash Tags 101


  You’ve heard of hashtags by now but might be uncertain how to effectively use them to build your business. If you wonder what the heck a hash- tag is… it is what we used to call the pound sign – #. Twitter hosts the biggest use of the HashTag, but you will see them on Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and YouTube. They appear in this format: #hashtag and perhaps you have even thought them a little annoying. But beyond … Continue reading Hash Tags 101

3 Reasons You Are Not Selling Art

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3 Reasons You Are Not Selling YOUR Art They don’t like your work They don’t know how to find you They don’t know you exist Reason 1: They don’t like your work. Ouch. That hurts. But let’s be realistic, art is subjective. Not everyone likes the same art. While I can appreciate the talent of a particular artist…it is just not my style. I love the details I see in wildlife art (or portraits) but I have never purchased any … Continue reading 3 Reasons You Are Not Selling Art

Say it Loud, I’m an Artist and I’m Proud

Say it loud, I’m an artist and I’m proud Why is so hard to “own” being an artist?  Is it because somewhere along the line someone said in a hushed sneer “Oooohh you know she is an artist” and you just knew that this not a desirable occupation?  That being an artist was a close cousin to the  crazy cat lady?   Is it because your first grade teacher not so quietly said “Well we all know Timmy is not artist” … Continue reading Say it Loud, I’m an Artist and I’m Proud

The Real Artist Rant

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The Real Artist Rant  Real artists make time to make art. Real artists honor their commitments (to other artists, collectors and others). Real artists don’t whine about not making it big – they just work harder. Real artists need to make money too. Real artists understand they are selling a product, service or entertainment production (and market their work/service/event). Real artists don’t screw their collectors by selling high/selling low depending upon their own money needs. Real artists share their work … Continue reading The Real Artist Rant

Selling Art Without Monkey Dust

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    I often tell my fellow artrepreneurs that when they can help their potential customers make an emotional connection with their work they also help them open their wallets.   Achieve a critical mass of meaningfulness.  No this is not airy fairy, monkey dust B.S.   What this is saying that when you create the yearning for your product it sells itself.   So you ask “How in the world do I accomplish this?”  It is easier than you think  AND it also … Continue reading Selling Art Without Monkey Dust