About…Jane Who?

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Who I am.

I am Jane Robinson. 

I am an artist…who would like to spend more time just painting…and listening to live jazz.

I’ve been a hitch-hiking hippy, au pair, nurse,  prison guard, parole agent,  grant writer, Director of an artist community and a dozen other things that I outgrew.  I get bored easily…or have an uncanny sense of knowing when to move on.

I am a Mom, Nana, wife and lovers of all things furry…especially my dog Grizzly and cat Smudge.

I am not about snobs, perfection, the obsession with youth or fitting in.

I believe in caring in action – no lip service. 

I care about people…and morning coffee.

I love a good cocktail and dancing.

I about justice &  support the Somaly Mamm foundation to help young girls all around the world.

I am about acceptance…especially yourself.

Why I care about you.

I believe that ALL people are creative beings and following their passion to live wholly and holy is part of our human existence. I want you to live your authentic, inspired life and earn plenty of income to fund that life.  I see too many talented, creative people who become discouraged because they are not earning what they are worth.  They become tired and consider putting away their creative passion, succumbing to the status quo.  I say “hell no”!  You can earn what your creativity is worth…IF you take charge of your future.  I am here to support you in your journey in becoming an Artrepreneur.


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